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Branded handbag-books of gallery Metis_NL
For Metis_NL (Contemporary Arts Gallery Amsterdam), the designers of Rebrandt® created a serie of 10 catalogs in the form of stylish handbags. By letting the cover continue, folding it back and provid... Continue
Fresh medical specialist appearance for 100-year-old Omring
Omring has had its roots in West Friesland and the Kop van Noord-Holland for more than a hundred years. Both at home and at one of the 34 residential locations, with 3300 employees, they contribute to th... Continue
DearBytes, security with a Byte
This company in cybersecurity had been working with the name Medusoft for 11 years, but the three owners felt this name stood in the way of their growth. And they got right. Rebrandt invented DearByte... Continue
Woonwaard ID wins Global Rebrand™ 100® Award
Rebrandt® developed the brand story and the total visual identity including all elements for the most sustainable housing association in the Netherlands. The result i... Continue
Youall, honest and pure bodycare for all of you
Youall is high-quality body care without unnecessary microplastics and other polluting substances, so that it can be used by everyone, for you all... Rebrandt® conceived the brand name, developed the co... Continue
The beginning is crucial
Rebrandt® has been frequently rewarded with international Awards. The secret behind this lies in the crucial first phase. Successful rebrandings are only forged from a clear strategy and positioning. With >20 years of experience, Rebrandt® knows how to sharpen the strategy and positioning, and from there to make the translation with our own creative team; whether it's a new name, a modified or new visual ID, or just a change of color.
Rebrandt develops all 7 facets of rebranding;
Corporate Story
Thorough research and sharp observations help us towards this common story, the 'brand story', the strategic compass of your organization. This is a clear, understandable and coherent story about who you are, what distinguishes you and what you want to achieve. Your brand story not only makes things tangible, but also forces an organization to clear strategic choices. Read more...
Character profile
Rebrandt® has developed a program in which, together with the customer, we work with only 3 (digital) workshops towards that unique name that the brand just needs. After all, a valuable and fascinating process, a good name says more than 1000 words. Read more...
A New Name
Rebrandt® has developed a program in which, together with the customer, we work with only 3 (digital) workshops towards that unique name that the brand just needs. After all, a valuable and fascinating process, a good name says more than 1000 words. Read more...
With the style survey we capture the brand in images, based on the brand story and the core values we start to think in images for the first time. Bringing together suitable images that tell the same story form a guiding function in the development of the total visual identity. Read more...
Visual ID
It is our main challenge to realize for each brand the unique appearance that fits the organization and its story. This design goes beyond the logo. It is a visual system. The logo or word mark, the layout, the fonts and the colors, are the building blocks that together form the desired shape, look & feel, based on strict guidelines.
Employee Alignment
Rebranding has a big impact on employees. Saying farewell to a familiar environment and starting an unknown new phase. Your employees are the ones that will wear the new 'coat'. So employees are the crucial link, they are the true ambassadors of an organization. It is important to inform them regularly about the steps taken by the management. Read more...
Brand Elements
Whether it concerns business cards, letterheads, your fleet, website or app, all components ultimately change. A rebranding goes 'all-over' and preferably in as short a time frame as possible. It is therefore advisable to make an inventory at an early stage. Read more...
Brand Activation
This is what it was all about: conquering the market! Your rebranding offers an excellent opportunity to re-introduce your product or organization on the market. There are opportunities that need to be properly mapped out and implemented in conjunction. Read more...
This summer we are offering you a free branding consultation with one of our branding experts via Zoom. Ask your burning questions; What should you pay prior attention to in a merger? Do I need a new name and identity right away? What will be the next steps? Or let us take a look into the process you are currently going through. You can ask us anything when it comes to branding. We are happy to help you on your way with your specific case. Our opening hours are limited, so make an appointment quickly. Hope we meet soon. The FreeSummerZoom is available every Monday afternoon between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM — limited availability.
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Education & Research
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Healthcare & Social Services
— Day of the Dialogue | National Disaster Fund | IJsterk | Omring | Roger That Foundation | Sociaal.nl | UNHCR | Trimbos Research institute | Woonwaard —
Government & Semi-Government
— G4 | Dutch Public Prosecutor | Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs | Development agenda Safety first | Province South-Holland | VNG risk management —
IT & Cybersecurity
— Attic | C∂n | Cyber Central | Dearbytes | KPN | ING | PayU | Sm^rt Principles | Solvinity | Zolder —
Travel & hospitality
— Australian Backpackers | Australian Holidays | Balinova | Dream Resort | Else Globe | PeasePro | Puur Nieuw Zeeland | Scandinavian | Schiphol —
— Biga Brix | MecMedic | Theo Groothuizen | Verdonk Keukens | Youall —
Media & Culture —
GAA | Hellen van Meene | Het Nederlands BACH Consort | Jurjaanz | Metis_NL | Mondriaan fonds | Monika Auch | Art Library Foundation | Stimuleringsfonds | The Box music television —
— BK Group | Koopmans | Primavera | PrimaveraQuint | Saturday Socials | Weconnect
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