Short lines and high speed
Rebrandt® is a 100% remote company with multiple studios in Europe. We skip the bullshit and work straight with the client. We don't work with account managers, we never did. Our Awardwinning creatives will keep the lines short, they will be your contact during the whole proces. Due to these short lines, the process is much faster and without any noise.

Striking power
As you can imagine Rebrandt® knows no bureaucracy, only clarity in planning and clarity in finances in advance. Many organizations remain stuck in the process for months, sometimes years. With our unique working method, we can realize a rebranding within 12 weeks without skipping any part of the program. The Rebrandt® team is used to switching quickly, without losing sight of the content.

Rebrandt® Program
Over the past 20 years, Rebrandt® has developed the program that guarantees rock-solid rebranding. Based on the strategy of the organization or the product, we offer all facets that are necessary to arrive at that unique brand that immediately radiates what it stands for.
We keep rebranding simple
Are you afraid to rebrand? You don't have to! With more than 20 years of experience, the Rebrandt® team is able to keep rebranding simple, clear and effective. The track is divided into the following parts. Rebrandt® takes you part by part through the process with clear schedules and clear prospects.
Character Profile
The secret behind an 'Awardwinning' rebrand is in the crucial first phase. To be able to capture the more emotional values of the brand, Rebrandt® develops a unique character profile together with the client. Read more...
Having trouble finding a new brand name? The creatives at Rebrandt® know how to come up with a new brand name. Based on the character profile and the strategic objectives, Rebrandt® will search for that specific original brand name together with the customer in a creative brand name session.
The guide function for the visual identity. With the style research, the stylists of Rebrandt® translate the character of the brand from text to image. By combining existing images, colors and atmospheres, a unique mix is created that will serve as a guiding function for the development of the total visual identity. Read more...
Visual ID
It is our main challenge to realize for each brand the unique appearance that fits the organization and its story. This design goes beyond the logo. It is a visual system. The logo or word mark, the layout, the fonts and the colors, are the building blocks that together form the desired shape, look & feel, based on strict guidelines.
Employee Alignment
Rebranding has a big impact on employees. Saying farewell to a familiar environment and starting an unknown new phase. Your employees are the ones that will wear the new 'coat'. So employees are the crucial link, they are the true ambassadors of an organization. It is important to inform them regularly about the steps taken by the management. Read more...
Brand Elements
Whether it concerns business cards, letterheads, your fleet, website or app, all components ultimately change. A rebranding goes 'all-over' and preferably in as short a time frame as possible. It is therefore advisable to make an inventory at an early stage. Read more...
Brand Activation
Parts 1 to 4 can be developed within 3 months at Rebrandt®.
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