Employees are 
the ambassadors 

Rebranding has a big impact on employees. Saying farewell to a familiar environment and starting an unknown new phase. Your employees are the ones that will wear the new 'coat'. So employees are the crucial link, they are the true ambassadors of an organization. It is important to inform them regularly about the steps taken by the management. Co-deciding does not work, but do involve them actively in the process. There are all kinds of playful actions possible to let the new brand land positively with the employee. 

We’d love to advise you on the approach. You’ll find a number of recent examples below.

Solvinity announced their new name to their employees in a fun way. Having breakfast together and by playing a game they found out. A successful introduction, and a positive embrace of the new brand name.


To let employees get used to the new brand, the logo was distributed as a magnetic puzzle.

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