Selection of relevant awards, exhibitions and publications

2024 — REBRAND100 Global Award — Merit, Wim van Assem rebranding
2024 — Im Materia Design Festival — Lodz, Polen
2023 — A' Design Award Winners Traveling Exhibition, China;
— International Creative Design Week (HCDW), Harbin City, Heilongjiang, China
— Industrial Design Week (HIDW), XiongAn New Area of Hebei, China
— Industrial Design Fair (SZIDF)
— Hebei Design Museum and Innovation Design Center in Shijiazhuang City
— Hebei exhibition, Xi'an Aerospace City Center in Xi An City

2023 — Typeroom — Koopmans drukkerij rebranding
2023 — A’Design Award SILVER — Koopmans drukkerij rebranding
2023 — A’Design Award SILVER — Letizia Battaglia rebranding
2023 — A’Design Award BRONZE — Dutch BACH Consort rebranding
2023 — A’Design Award BRONZE — Roger That rebranding
2023 — A’Design Award IRON — SYNQ rebranding
2023 — Selected — Letizia Battaglia book
2021 — A’Design Award GOLD — Woonwaard rebranding
2020 — REBRAND100® Global AwardDistinction — Woonwaard rebranding
2016 — Chinese Tourist Award Digital Media — Else Globe app
2016 — ADCN Award Nomination — Wie heeft de sleutel Congres
2014 — REBRAND100 Global Award - Distinction — DearBytes rebranding
2014 — WYSTC Awards — Best B2B Tech product — Else Globe app
2012 — Merit Award GRAPHIS — Global Poster Annual — Mediacollege Amsterdam Posters
2012 — Merit Award GRAPHIS — logo Annual — IJsterk rebranding
2008 — MOTI Dutch Design Database Exhibition: 11 projects
2006 — Dutch Design Selection — identity
2006 — Dutch Design Selection — Biologisch Katoen campagne GW
2006 — Dutch Design Selection — Sustainable Future Congres Ministerie EZ
2006 — Dutch Design Selection — Hellen van Meene Japan Catalogue
2005 — Metropolitain Museum New York - Collection, 10x Metis_NL Catalogues
2005 — Genius Packaging Nomination — Metis_NL Catalogues
2005 — Deutsche Design Preis Nomination — Metis_NL Catalogues
2004 — Red Dot Award Communication Design — Metis_NL Catalogues
2000 — The Photobook A History volume ll Phaidon — Catalogue Hellen van Meene
1999 — Dutch Corporate Identity Award Nomination — Kosovo war project
1995 — Collection Trade Union Museum — 'Goed Stemmen' (transl: 'Vote Well')

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