A tribute to the most famous mafia photographer
Commissioned by Gallery LANGart Rebrandt designed the catalogue for the exhibition ('Avanti!' la Battaglia Continua), a tribute to the world famous mafia photographer Letizia Battaglia. Rebrandt's designer and founder Ruud Winder previously won a Red Dot Award for a long series of catalogs for Metis_NL, the precursor of LANGart.
Letizia Battaglia (Palermo 1935 – 2023) worked as a photo reporter for the left-wing daily newspaper L’Ora in that period and thus recorded the many accounts of the Mafia. She became famous for her photographs in which she documented the crimes of the Mafia. She recorded the ‘years of lead’ in Sicily. Many of her photos became famous, not because of their horror, but because of the often well-framed and, above all, human approach that characterize her photos.
The catalogue contains 2 parts: Letizia Battaglia and if you turn the book, you'll get into the tribute to Letizia Battaglia: 17 artists who have worked or lived with her or to whom Battaglia has become a source of inspiration for their own work: Gijs Assmann, Merijn Bolink, Santi Caleca, Olga Chernysheva, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Marlene Dumas, Alessandro Guerriero, Alfredo Jaar, Marion Kalter, Susan Meiselas, Lia Pasqualino, Sylvia Plachy, Maria D. Rapicavoli, Dayanita Singh, Shobha, Emo Verkerk, Franco Zecchin.
Thanks to Ron, Rossana en Sara Lang Gallery LANGart, Linda Kaandorp and of course Marco Velseboer from Koopmans drukkerij for the great cooperation.
Exhibition from 11/3/2023 to 20/5/2023
at LANGart, Hazenstraat 18, Amsterdam.
Both side covers catalogue Letizia Battaglia
Both sides covers and layouts
Letizia Battaglia
Multiple layouts Letizia Battaglia
Detail Catalogue Letizia Battaglia
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