€ 11,500,000 was donated with the fundraising campaigns
National Disaster Fund was established in 1935 to support projects in reconstruction after disaster damage on Dutch territory. In 2021, the National Disaster Fund decided to visually rebrand the organization. In May 2021 we launched the new contemporary identity and in July 2021 the Netherlands was shocked by the extreme flooding in Limburg. Since all communication components were well prepared, it was possible to develop specific material for Limburg immediately from this new identity within 24 hours. An amount of € 11,500,000 was donated with the fundraising campaigns, a large part of which was donated via the website. Rebrandt® developed the brand story, the logo and form system, all the recruitment materials and the website.
Contributed to this project:
Ruud Winder — concept + design
Linda Kaandorp — DTP
Celíne van het Ende — DTP
Robert Blaauboer — text / copy
making of
Brand protocol
Digital copy
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