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Rebrandt® is available to everyone, no matter where your scale-up, organization or brand is located. Challenge our creatives with your burning branding issues, logo systems or complex rebrandings such as mergers and acquisitions.

You can contact them for all kinds of (re)branding issues. Our team has been working remotely for more than 15 years, and we are therefore perfectly capable of realizing high-quality rebranding projects, regardless of the distance.

If you consider a (re)branding, there are many questions rising up. How do we start a rebrand? Is it necessary? Which costs should I take into account? What about copyright and usage rights and registering the name and logo? How do we involve the employees in the process? How do we ensure a smooth transition from the current to the new identity for our clients?
For all these questions and more, it is good to make an appointment with one of our experts. With many years of experience, Rebrandt® likes to share the do's & don'ts with you so your process can run smoothly and clearly. Thereby Rebrandt® loves to tell you more about strategy, visual design and brand names.

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