Contactmoments are key in the early beginning
When the fundament of the brand is there, it's time to win the market with it. Especially with a rebranding, it is very important that there are many contact moments with employees, steakholders, customers and target groups. The recognizability will have to be rebuilt, whereby old values must be continued as much as possible in the new offline and online brand experience. See below some successful brand activation just after the launch of rebranded design:
StartMeUp Woonwaard
With StartMeUp, Woonwaard helps young people with and without guidance, thanks to a new form of cooperation between the housing corporation, the municipality and social organizations. Via an innovative and quickly realizable modular building concept, sustainable and circular construction: energy performance, use of materials, flexible and portable and affordable for every young person with low rent and low energy costs. Rebrandt® recorded the story from the point of view of the young people themselves; 3 residents talk candidly about what the house means to them.

The cycling path of Delfland
The Delfland Water Board is proud of the beautiful nature in the area. The water board would prefer to tell visitors more about what they see and what they do not see. But how do you do that? “Bicycle paths are like a blank canvas” says brand architect Ruud Winder. Instead of adding new objects, we use existing capabilities.
Bream, pike, carp and eel swim through tubes under the cycle path. Fascinating information that Delfland is happy to share. Rebrandt® brought in street artist Leon Keer to portray the fish. The result; a route with different 3D views over a 1 km long cycle path. Leon not only painted fish in 3D with this, he tells the story of the Water Board in an innovative way; street art with a message! Naturally, this action generated a lot of publicity. Almost all national magazines published about this campaign, and it was included as an item in the broadcast in the Television programme Vroege Vogels.

What kind of laundry do you hang outside?
A promotion team dressed in body warmers with 500 printed clothespins adorned the street and handed out flyers in the form of a t-shirt with the physical printed clip.
The level of irritation is usually high among promotional teams on the street, which is why bureau gras developed an attractive 'pink jacket' with about 500 pins on each jacket. This gave the promotion team a theatrical appearance and the level of irritation made way for great curiosity among the shopping public. With this approach, bureau gras realized no fewer than 60 free articles in newspapers and magazines, from Telegraaf to countless fashion magazines.

Free Spekuk villas
At the Second Home fair in Ghent, Balinova handed out villas to the visitors of the fair. The villas, made of Balinese Spekuk, symbolize the typical Bali feeling. By handing out this 'gadget', the stand workers could easily make contact with the public at the fair. Balinova builds villas in the most beautiful locations in North Bali. Completely according to your own insight and wishes.
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