The largest operation in
the rebranding process
Whether it concerns business cards, stationery, the fleet, website, intranet or apps, all components must ultimately be accepted. A rebranding is 'all-over' and preferably within the shortest possible time frame. It is advisable to make a timely inventory of what actually needs to be converted. Operationally and in terms of planning, being able to make all resources available at the same time remains a challenge. With common sense and years of experience, Rebrandt® guides the client so that the process is simple, clear and effective.

Brand carriers can be divided into the following blocks:

Corporate correspondence:
ID Cards, envelopes, stationery, Word documents etc.

Brochures, POS material, flyers, manuals, packaging, etc.
Shipping systems, intranet, website(s), webshops, e-mails, Word docs, Powerpoints and apps
Social media:
Post templates, logo + background Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram etc.

Interior / Exterior:
Vehicle fleet, lettering of buildings, furnishing, signage, window lettering, exhibition stands, flags, banners, etc.

Packaging, leaflets, outer boxes, tape, displays and other POS material
Rebrandt® also supervises the inventory of resources. Components that correspond in terms of design are bundled and converted in the development process. This saves a lot of costs and time.

When Rebrandt® takes care of the entire development, a clear overview of costs and planning will be submitted well in advance. On request, a large part of the resources can also be placed with known suppliers of the client. They then work from the existing house style guidelines and Rebrandt® can take on the role of quality guard and art direction.
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