A powerful brand name says more than a thousand words!
Often overlooked, a confusing brand name can frequently be the biggest obstacle to growth. If your brand name doesn't clearly represent what your company stands for, it is reason enough to consider whether a new name would be much more effective. It's a difficult decision, but the longer you wait, the harder it gets. REBRANDT® not only creates a powerful new brand name, but also guides your organization through the strategic research phase and the transition from old to new.
Rebrandt® always knows how to create unique brand names. How do they do this? Rebrandt® first organizes an 'input session' together with the client. Two creatives, equipped with advanced AI tools, guide attendees through all possible name types during the live video meeting and map out the character of the brand. After the online session, the 2 creatives will go into depth with the input to arrive at a shortlist of registerable name proposals that feel logical and fit the future of the product or organization.
Some relevant examples:
Bodycare for every skin type
The bodycare does not contain any microplastics or other harmful substances and is therefore suitable for every skin type. This fair body care therefore fits in the today of the future. Our creative team created the unique name 'Youall' for this fair bodycare brand. A now worldwide registered trademark that can call itself successful with more than 300 points of sale in the first year.

Cyber security with a Byte
This company in cybersecurity had been working with the name Medusoft for 11 years, but the three owners felt this name stood in the way of their growth. And they got right. Rebrandt® invented DearBytes and within 5 years DearBytes was a household name. In 2017, DearBytes was taken over by KPN.

Attic, your digital security assistent
The Attic® app is a mobile application that provides SMBs with digital resilience. Built by world-class ethical hackers at Zolder, security research is translated into effective protection for many organizations simultaneously.

Childcare around the lake "IJ" Amsterdam
Various organizations in the field of social care and childcare in Amsterdam searched for a new name because of a merger. Today, IJsterk is an integral part of Amsterdam's high street.

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