What does a (re)branding cost?
A (re)branding is a cost-intensive process. It is therefore good to get a realistic picture of the costs in advance. We can send you a quotation directly for the development of the new name and visual identity. This last quotation is a bundling of 03 to 06 (see overview below).
Most of the costs are usually incurred in making and adjusting the current resources such as facade lettering, cars, websites, packaging, sales material, etc. Therefore we can also send you a quotation, but more information is required to map this out realistically. We are happy to help you with this inventory with a free video consultation or fill in your wishes in the comments field in the form below.
In terms of costs, we can roughly divide a (re)branding process into the following blocks:
01 Organization / Preparation
02 New Name
03 Character Profile
04 Styling
05 Visual Identity
06 Guidelines / Brand Protocol
07 Brand and Logo Registration
08 ICT Adaptations
09 Replacing/adjusting brand elements
10 Brand Activation
Receive our quotations directly
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Quotation New Name [02]
Quotation Visual Identity [03 to 06]
If there are more specific wishes, please indicate them in the comments box below. We will then send you a customized quotation within 4 working days.
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