Suicide is the number 1 cause of death among young people in The Netherlands. Rogier Hulst, valued colleague and friend of our team, passed away at much too young age. His mother founded Roger That to offer other young people the opportunity of shelter, listening ear and coaching. Low-threshold meeting places with youth workers with good feelers and reception options. In addition to a familiar place and a listening ear, Roger That offers activities that make the young people more resilient. In this way Roger That contributes to making the world a better place for vulnerable and/or creative young people such as Rogier. Already in his early years as a designer, Rogier had a very distinctive and unique logo. Since Roger That stems from Rogier Hulst, and wanted to keep his role visible in this, we also let the design flow from his logo. The elements correspond exactly, but are only adjusted in direction.

Roger That will soon open its 3rd location in the Netherlands.
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