Rebrandt® turns it into a masterpiece
For Rebrandt® this is the challenge to realize that unique design for each brand that fits the new brand and its objectives. This goes beyond just a new logo. Rebrandt® develops a complete visual system with logos, colours, layout, typography and photography. Ultimately, it is that specific combination of these building blocks that together produce the desired look & feel. Based on the strategic input of the brand, the character profile and the style research, the designers of Rebrandt® look for the optimal visual identity for the new brand.

Rebrandt® has regularly received international Awards such as the Red Dot Award, Gold at A'Design Award and the Global Rebrand100Award several times. Read more about our Awards on our awards page

Below an overview of the various building blocks of the visual identity.

The logo
The figurehead of the brand can convey a large part of the brand story in all its simplicity. Designing a logo is therefore an expertise in itself. Only a limited number of designers are able to develop meaningful logos that remain simple. The designers of Rebrandt® sketch endlessly until they have found the shape that fits the brand. When there is a good sketch, then the refinement begins, everything must be correct down to the smallest details.

As a 'look behind the scenes', Rebrandt® has put together the sketches for the logo of the National Disaster Fund:

Sometimes a rebranding is limited to changing the color palette. That already indicates how important this component is within the visual identity. The Rebrandt® team has several stylists who are experts in compiling and combining colours. Once the right colors have been chosen, this also tells a large part of what the brand stands for. A good example is the rebranding of Omring. Until the rebranding, this home care organization still provided 'household work' at patients' homes, but changed its offer to only 'specialist medical care'. The new use of colors gave the brand a more medical appearance, which contributes to the positioning of the brand to this day. These colors already came into focus during the style research.
Layout en typography
Rebrandt® not only chooses the fonts, but also the specific settings regarding the use of the fonts are determined. The font size, spacing, leading and color use are summarized in paragraph style sheets and Stylesheet (used digitally). Unambiguousness cannot be guaranteed with only a font choice. When the layout designs and style sheets are used, the right look & feel is created. The transfer therefore also includes the documents in Adobe INDesign and Adobe Illustrator from which the paragraph specifications for the various fonts can be copied exactly.

If the desired photographic visual language is carefully considered in advance, a conceptual guideline can be drawn up that various photographers can then work with. The way of portraying. What do we show and what not? What atmosphere do we want to reflect in photography? Do we create an image bank or are guidelines sufficient to guide the various photographers? These are all questions in which Rebrandt® will guide the client. Below you will find a good example of clear guidelines for photography, accompanied by technical photographic settings. This allowed several photographers to work for Omring and kept photography consistent.

Rebrandt® also provides the necessary frameworks and examples when setting up a more illustrative style.
All corporate guidelines
in a brand protocol
A visual identity has been developed with great care and commitment in an intensive collaboration between client and agency. The new form system is tailor-made so that all core values are supported. Developing a visual identity is '1', turning an identity into a strong brand is '2'. To grow into a strong brand, it is crucial for recognisability and reliability to be consistent in all communications. To achieve this, the correct colours, fonts, dimensions and rules have been summarized in the brand protocol.
See below a number of fire protocols for inspection. For more information about the possibilities of developing a brand protocol, please contact Rebrandt® / t 020 8200983 or request a quote directly online.
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