REBRAND 100® Global Award and the A' Design Award 2024
Wim van Assem, renowned florist in North Holland, has shaped the Dutch floristry scene with his expressive style over 40 years. The challenge for the new identity's designers was to create a visual language reflecting his dynamic and unrestrained expression in flower arranging. The design, marked by lavish ribbons, aligns with Van Assem's style, offering distinct recognizability and capturing the essence of his work.

With nature as the fundamental basis and dealing with it as a playground for creativity. The new identity was designed with the aim of conveying the joy and uninhibited expression of Wim van Assem's flower arranging. Inspired by the undisturbed energy and craftsmanship with which he continues to create unique combinations with flowers.
Being in the neighbourhood, it's worth a visit, you'll find the the unique and eye-catching line play and graphic design in the historic city centre of Alkmaar, at Fnidsen, just 50 meters from the Cheesemarket.

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