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The Creative Director (CD) is in charge of the overall design and execution for all kinds of off- and online marketing initiatives. The CD is responsible for creating a cohesive and complete image that embodies the company's brand identity, from the visual ID to all communicative products like websites, apps, mailings, advertisements, books, catalogues etcetera. Experts of Rebrandt® are used to work on an Awardwinning level, they always go for the best possible solution!

Creative Directors from Rebrandt®:
• Distill abstract business concepts in strong creative vision
• Inspire (hybride/remote) the creative team
• Ensure all output is consistent with the overall brand
• Developing and improve processes
• Able to start a rebranding / updating process
• Supervisory, people management, and leadership skills
• Collaborating with CEO/CMO/Management
• Improve the user experience on all platforms
• Experienced in of- and online productions
• Ensure quality and elevate the highest level
• Roll up their sleeves when needed and stimulate the design process
• Pitch ideas to clients on board level
• Lead multiple projects from concept to completion
• Deliver accordance deadlines
• Have >5 years experience in leading, managing Design teams
• Ask smart questions, take risks, and champion new ideas
• Have a wonderfull Awardwinning portfolio

Simplicity in finance
With the remote hiring of Rebrandt® experts, billing is per month. No personnel costs, but billable invoices. No office costs, overhead, just the enjoyment of the inflow of an overload of knowledge. And you have already seen it on the website, our experts work at the highest level and always know how to start a movement. The team of experts at Rebrandt® is large, growing and available internationally. The Rebrandt® professionals can be replaced where necessary for an optimal coverage ratio.

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