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The experts at Rebrandt® know how to fill this position: Reporting to the CEO, CMO will lead the planning, development, and execution of the marketing teams. This includes playing a vital role in the company’s growth and take the responsibility for a creative influence to business strategy.   
• Analytics based CMO strategies
• Empathy and inspiring for the teams
• Optimizing marketing budgets
• Digital and offline channels
• Lead life cycle marketing
• (Go-to-)market strategy & execution
• Create and develop new ideas
• Analyze conversion rates
• Create action plans to make effective content
• Develop efforts in lead generation
• Elevate company brand through company growth
• Drive revenue by increasing sales through marketing activities
• Judge and approve marketing campaign concepts
• Determine and implement KPIs for the marketing department
• Design, plan and execute effective marketing campaigns
• Inspire, hire, and retain world class talents
• Act as a strategic partner to the CEO

Simplicity in finance
With the remote hiring of Rebrandt® experts, billing is per month. No personnel costs, but billable invoices. No office costs, overhead, just the enjoyment of the inflow of an overload of knowledge. And you have already seen it on the website, our experts work at the highest level and always know how to start a movement. The team of experts at Rebrandt® is large, growing and available internationally. The Rebrandt® professionals can be replaced where necessary for an optimal coverage ratio.

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